Counselor in Training (CIT) FAQs

How do I apply for the Katydid CIT- Counselor in Training Program?

You must fill out a Katydid Application to be a Counselor in Training (CIT) which can be downloaded from the JOBS section of our website.  We must also have three references.  This form is also on the web site.


Where do I send the application and references?

The application can be emailed to us at or mailed to

Katydid, Inc. P. O. Box 710516,  Oak Hill, VA 20171-0516.


When can I apply?

We start taking applications in March of the current year.  The deadline for CIT applications is May 25th of this year.  We can NOT take applications after this date.


How old do I need to be?

This is a volunteer position for students ages 14 to 17. Katydid is hopeful that you will return to Katydid to be a paid assistant counselor.


What do I need to be accepted into the CIT program?

CIT’s are accepted to our program after we receive the application,  the three references and they attend one of the Katydid, Inc. mandatory training sessions.  We ask for the  $165.00 fee before or at the training session.


Who can be a reference?

All three references must be someone over 21 and not a relative.  A teacher, someone you volunteered with, someone you babysat for, a neighbor who has known you for a long time are best. The best reference is someone who has seen you working/volunteering with children.


Is there mandatory training?

Yes, all CIT’s must attend the mandatory trainings offered by Katydid, Inc.  The training schedule will be emailed to the CIT when it is scheduled.  CIT’s must attend to be accepted into the program.  The training is at our Frying Pan Park location.


Is there a fee?

Yes, our fee is $165.00 for the CIT program.  A check made out to Katydid, Inc. is the best way to pay this fee.  Cash and credit cards can also be accepted.


How many weeks do I need to volunteer?

We ask a CIT to volunteer for a  minimum of 2 weeks with a maximum of 4 weeks in one summer. The CIT chooses the weeks and camp location to volunteer.


Where will I be working?

The CIT chooses the weeks and camp location, but we must be having camp on those days and at that location.  All of our camps are listed in the CAMPS section of our website. We have summer camps at Frying Pan Farm and Burke Lake Parks. NOTE: For summer 2021, due to COVID camps are only offered at Frying Pan Farm. 


What are the hours?

Our day camps run from 9am to 1:00pm for the half day camps for younger children and the full day camps are 8:30 am to 3:30 pm for elementary age children Monday to Friday.  We ask CIT’s to arrive ½ hour before the start of camp to set up and have a short meeting with the Site Director and to stay ½ hour after camp ends.  Hours for CIT’s are  from 8:30 am to 1:30pm if assigned to volunteer with the ½ day program and 8:00am to 4:00pm if assigned to volunteer with the full day program.


Can the CIT specify a preference for the age of children to volunteer with?

Yes, depending on the location, we have two camps, one for the younger children and one for the older children.  The CIT can give us a preference, but depending on enrollment and number of other working CIT’s that particular week, we usually assign the counselors and CIT’s to a group for the week so that the campers get to know their counselor and CIT.


Is CPR and First Aid certification required?

No, CIT’s are NOT required to have CPR and First Aid Certification, but if they have this we would like a copy for their personnel file.  Katydid, Inc. offers CPR and First Aid training for all counselors at a discount several times at our Frying Pan Park location which CIT’s can attend if they would like but it is NOT required.  It is required of all counselors.  (The certification is good for two years and there is a fee.)


Are there any other forms?

Besides the three references and application, we ask all CIT’s to fill out an Emergency Medical Form for us to have on file.  You can receive this form by email or receive it at training.


Is transportation needed?

CIT’s only need transportation to and from the camp location where they will be volunteering.


What do I  bring?

Lunch: All counselors, Site Directors and CIT’s eat lunch with the campers.  Please bring your lunch,  snack and drink every day.


Is there a uniform?

No, there is no uniform, but there is a dress code which will be discussed at training.  You will also be required to wear a Katydid provided T-shirt. 

Clothing:  You are representing Katydid, Inc. to the parents and campers. Please wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for the weather.  You will be playing outside, helping children do crafts and sometimes cooking projects.  Campers do get messy and dirty at times.  Athletic shoes are preferred to sandals.

Please email if you have any further questions.  We look forward to hearing from you for this year’s Counselor In Training Program with Katydid, Inc.