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Summer Camps

The philosophy for Katydid Inc.’s camp program is that children should have opportunities to learn about themselves, nature and history outside the classroom. Children should get a chance to develop and exercise their curiosity in a more open atmosphere. Children can do this while still protecting their outdoor environment and leaving it as-found. This exposure to the natural world can influence the way they live in many positive ways. It is hoped that trough their increased awareness and appreciation of history and nature, they will help impact the world around them. The National Wildlife Federation, the American Forestry Council and the American Camping Association also affirm much of this.

Katydid, Inc. Camps are located on 4 parks in the FCPA system. These camps augment the FCPA summer programs in high growth areas of Fairfax County. Katydid, Inc. operates as a contractor to the FCPA. All Katydid, Inc. camps must follow state and county rules and regulations for child day care programs.

You can get lots of information about our Summer Camp offerings on the CAMPS section of our website – CLICK HERE!