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Spring Family Portrait Day!

Back by popular demand…We invite you to participate in our Spring Family Portrait Day on Saturday, April 16th, 9:00am to 1:30am at Frying Pan Park.

We will be using the same photographer who took the fabulous pictures of your preschool children last fall.

Hopefully, the photographs will be taken outdoors if it is a nice day.  If the weather does not allow outdoor photos, we will be inside the Schoolhouse.

– Online resources such as Pinterest, may provide clothing ideas for your family portraits.

– Props are welcome – Please bring your own!

– No sitting fee.

– Photos should be ready in early May.

Please use this Sign Up link  to schedule a sitting time.  We need at least 15 families to participate to have the photographer come out to our school.

This is a Fund Raiser supporting the Farm Preschool programs.  Thanks so very much for your support.

Call us if you have questions (703) 689-3104.