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September 5th, 2022 COVID Policy

September 2022 COVID policy for Katydid Farm Preschool is based on guidance for Early Childhood Centers from the Fairfax County Health Department COVID-19 District Epidemiologist.

  1. The following are the recommendations for everyday operations for each phase of CDC Community Outbreak level.
    1. Low -stay up to date with Vaccines, get tested if have symptoms, stay home if sick or need to isolate
    1. Medium -if high risk, talk to your doctor about need to wear mask and take other precautions, and follow Low level recommendations
    1. High – Wear a mask indoor, and follow Low and Medium level recommendations

CDC Current metrics used are based on hospitalizations, bed capacity and total # new cases in county.  Current levels for Fairfax County can be found on the CDC website. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/covid-by-county.html

  • When testing is needed, any correctly used Antigen test is appropriate for use now, you do not have to use proctored test.  If you need to show result to return to school, take a picture of the test results with a paper with the date and your child’s name written on it.
  • Isolation rules (per the Virginia Department of Health)
    • 5-day isolation (from start of symptoms or when child tested positive) mandatory for any positive COVID case

After 5 days, if symptoms are resolved (student is fever free and other symptoms are gone, unless cleared in writing by a doctor for this case or if your doctor has previously documented the symptoms as a chronic condition.  We cannot just accept your word that symptoms are allergies):

  1. the student may return for days 6-10 if they can correctly wear a mask keeping nose and mouth completely covered at school.  If they return and the mask is not tight fitting or falling below their nose, you will receive a call for immediate pick-up.  (We have seen that some children can successfully wear the N-94 or N-95 masks better than the flat expandable masks)


  1. If you child is unable or unwilling to wear a mask you must show two negative antigen tests administered 48 hours apart with the first test taken on day 6 before they can return to school.  If you choose to use a home test, you must have picture of the test with name and date of test in the picture.  Send picture with name and date to



  1. or your child must isolate for the full 10 days.

If after isolation period, someone has new or worsening symptoms, they should get tested.  If positive, restart isolation period.

  • Quarantine – when exposed to someone positive with COVID.  FCHD/VDH no longer recommends quarantine for asymptomatic. 
    • If your child is exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID.
      • Monitor for symptoms If symptoms develop, get tested immediately. 
      • Katydid is requiring close contacts to test 5 days after exposure, as recommended by the FCHD
      • Katydid is requiring exposed children to follow the Fairfax Health Department’s recommendation to wear a mask for 10 days after close contact exposure.
      • If not up-to-date on vaccines, and have not had COVID in last 6 months, test ASAP after the exposure and again 5 days after exposure
  • Additional information
    • The FCHD is no longer doing more case and contact investigations on individual cases
    • Social distancing and cohorting (keeping classes completely separated) are no longer required.
    • Improved ventilation is still advised.
    • Multi Layered Prevention Strategies
      • Personal Responsibilities for families and staff:
        • Staff and children stay home if sick and Isolate when you test positive, physical distance.  Test when symptoms appear and again when recommended 5 days later.
        • Stay current on COVID Vaccines.  Vaccines are available for everyone over 6 months.
        • Masks optional but recommended when area in high community levels
        • Teach and practice Hand hygiene and cough etiquette
        • Avoid touching face
        • If crowded, limit your time
      • Shared responsibilities:
        • Ventilation, outdoors, air filtration
        • Follow quarantine and isolation recommendations
        • Fast testing and tracing (schools report outbreaks of 3 or more cases in a class to FCHD)
        • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces
        • Government support with messaging and vaccines
  • Fairfax Health Dept only to be notified for outbreaks
    • FDA is expected to approve a bivalent (targets more than one virus) booster this fall to target fast-spreading BA.4 & BA.5.  Vaccine will target one of BA.4 or BA.5 in addition to current vaccine composition,
    • CDC is reviewing international travel guidelines.  Until those guidelines are received, we will continue to require a negative COVID test 5 days after any international travel via air to return to school.

If your child’s immunization records which were turned in with the Virginia State Health form do not include your child’s COVID vaccines (most did not), please provide a copy of their vaccine card.