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Farm School Updates, August 24, 2020

Hello, Farm School Parents! 

We are excited for the start of the new schoolyear!   We are beginning to plan for the arrival of your children and have just a few quick news items for you. 

Preschool Start Date – We are excited to announce our 4-year-old and Pre-K classes will begin the week of September 28th.  Our 3-year-old class will begin October 1st.  

Preschool Tuition – To date you should have paid your May 2021 tuition.  Due to our delayed opening, there will be no tuition charge for the month of September.  Your next tuition charge will be for the month of October and will not be due until late September.  October tuition invoices will be mailed mid-September.  If you have questions regarding your tuition, please email mindy@katydidkids.com.   

Preschool Welcome Event – We will be sending news soon regarding our Preschool Welcome Event.  We are finalizing details and will be sending updated information and signup links as soon as available.   

Preschool Paperwork – We will be mailing required preschool paperwork early next week.  This will include your Health Information form, Emergency Medical form and your photo Authorization form.  The Pickup Authorization form and the COVID Parent Contract will be mailed mid-September.  All paperwork can be brought to the Preschool Welcome Event or dropped off at the Schoolhouse during our summer hours and is due prior to the start of classes.  

NO STEAM Classes – As we have previously reported, we will not be able to run our STEAM classes this fall.  If you paid for STEAM class in your May 2021 tuition payment, you will receive a credit toward your October tuition.  This credit will be reflected on your October tuition invoice.   

Reminder:  Summer Office Hours– Our summer hours are Mondays and Thursdays 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon.  You can drop off paperwork or tuition payments during this time.  Please call us at (703) 689-3104 prior to arriving to confirm we are there.   

That is it for our quick Farm School updates.  Look for your paperwork in the mail next week.  We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Preschool Staff

Katydid, Inc.