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Fall Preschool Update

We hope you are having a good summer! 

Fall Preschool:  We are still working on our preschool plans for the fall.  We are waiting on more guidance from the Fairfax County Park Authority, Northern Virginia Preschool directors group, and Virginia DSS, for preschools.  We are reviewing guidance from the CDC and AAP. We will also consider any FCPS policies.  Guidance has been very fluid and we expect guidance will not be final until the beginning of the schoolyear.   We do anticipate smaller class sizes and some slight schedule changes. At this time, we plan to have in-person classes, although we may have some slight schedule changes.  We do not anticipate any online classes.  STEAM classes will not be able to be held for at least the beginning of the school year as we try to minimize exposure between children in different classes. For your planning purposes, we will try to provide a few details in the next few weeks.  If you as a family have already made a decision to postpone the start of your child’s school year, please let us know ASAP. Also, you can check this site if you need options for children day care and nursery facilities.

Operating Procedures Handbook:  As a result of COVID-19, we are preparing an Emergency operating procedures handbook which will outline how classes will operate and will include requirements for students and parents.  Our procedures will be updated as new guidance is received.  We expect guidance to continue to be provided, so operating procedures will most likely change throughout the summer.  

Look for more information later this month as we review and react to guidance.  

The Preschool Staff

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