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COVID UPDATE: Fall 2020 Farm School News – July 20th

NOTE: Plans subject to change based on new guidance and the local COVID situation.

Hello, Farm School Parents!

We wanted to touch base with you about the current COVID situation and begin to share with you some of our changing procedures and requirements.  Although we do not know what all the final requirements and guidelines will be as they seem to be issued frequently, we are beginning to work on our opening plan.  Below are a few of the preliminary decisions we have made.  Please keep in mind that these may change as the guidance changes.  

Schedule:  Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and Loudoun County Public Schools have pushed back their start date from August 23rd to September 8th.  Based on this decision, we believe it is appropriate to push our start date back as well from September 8th to later in September to allow time for families and teachers to adjust to older children’s schedules.  We will let you know our start dates as soon as we have solidified our schedule.  

Masks: Many parents have been asking and yes, we will require students, staff and anyone entering the Schoolhouse for maintenance to wear a cloth mask. Parents, caretakers and siblings will not be allowed in the building to reduce the risk of exposure for students.  Drop-off and pick-up will be done at the front door. Children will be required to have a second mask with them each day in case the first mask gets soiled.  Email Judi@katydidkids.com with any questions.  

Snacks: NO snacks this year.  Due to the possibility of spreading germs at snack time, the social distance requirements, plus the amount of help many students require during snack time, we are eliminating snack time from the schedule.  We do plan to slightly shorten the class time since we are removing snack.  You may want to have a snack ready for your child on the ride to school and/or home if they cannot wait time until they are home.   

Withdrawal Deadline: Due to our preschool year beginning later, we have extended our August 1st withdrawal deadline to August 15th.  So if you need to withdraw prior to the start of the schoolyear,  to receive your May 2021 tuition refund, we will need written communication from you by August 15th.  We hope that your plans have not changed, but if so, please let us know as soon as possible.    

Summer Hours:  Just a reminder that our Preschool Director, Judi Edmondson, will be at the Schoolhouse on Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon throughout most  of the summer.  If you want to drop off your child’s paperwork, please e-mail judi@katydidkids.com or call the Schoolhouse at (703) 689-3104 to let her know you are coming and she will meet you outside. 

Preschool Paperwork:  Due to requirement changes, our Pickup Authorization Form will be changing.  We anticipate that the new form will not be available until September due to changing guidance.  All other paperwork can be found here – Download Paperwork.  Again-the Pickup Authorization Form will not be available until September.  We will be mailing you the other required forms mid-August.  If you want to get a head start on the other forms or if you are headed to the doctor, please download these forms.

Look for more information soon as we continue to work on our opening plan.