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  1. What happens if my child does not want to wear a mask?

From the first day teachers will be talking to the children about the importance of wearing a mask just like wearing a seat belt to keep them safe.  Teachers will remind children not to touch their face and to keep their mask on.  If a mask is removed, the teacher will ask them to put their mask back on just like all their friends.  If they still refuse, the director will be called to assist.  As a last resort, the parent will be called to pick up the child. 

We have a parent who has volunteered to provide written evaluations of different masks and how each worked with her children.  This information will be posted on our website when it is available.

2. What happens if the COVID situation changes in the state?

We will be monitoring changes in the area and if the Governor changes from Phase 3 we will have to change our preschool operations accordingly either direction.

3. What happens if a child gets sick during class time?

We will have an isolation area away from the other children, classrooms and staff desk where the child will wait to be picked up.  Sick children must be picked up within 30 minutes.  No child will ever be left alone.

4. What if my child has separation issues or needs assistance with their coat or tie shoes – Will the teacher be able to pick up my child? 

Yes!  The Virginia DSS recognizes that the 6 foot distance cannot always be maintained when caring for young children.  Teachers will wear masks at all times and will have long sleeved shirts/or a gown over clothing when it is necessary to pick up a child.  These protections will be changed if soiled.

5. Will Farm School still be Farm School?

While many things will change, we will still be teaching the children through play whether we are inside or outside.  Outside, we can take the children on Color Hikes, look for Alphabet letters on signs, write names in the dirt with sticks, count rocks, count fence posts, learn about animals, learn to follow teacher’s directions, they will develop more independence, and have friends even if the group is smaller than usual.  We will adapt to play different games which can be played while children are spread out.  We are very fortunate to have the park as a huge area to use as outdoor classrooms and we will still visit the farm.  We will not use the playgrounds because they cannot be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between each class and we will not be baking with the children.

6. Will the classes go outside with only one teacher?

No, either the floater will go with the class or another class will be within sight/voice range but separated by more than 6 feet.

7. Can my child just get drinks out of the water fountain?

No, the FCPA has all water fountains turned off and/or covered.  We do have access to a water bottle fill station.

8. Can my child bring a stuffed animal for comfort?

Children are not allowed to bring any toys or objects from home with the exception of water bottles.

9. When will STEAM classes start?

STEAM classes which combine students from multiple classes will not begin until January at the earliest. 

10. Will children still have visits from the Music teacher?

As with all families, our staff is changing due to teachers needing to stay home with their children who will not be attending school or for other medical reasons personally or with family members.  As a result we will not have our music teacher for at least the beginning of the school year while FCPS is operating via Distance Learning.

11. Will these rules be in place the entire year? 

These rules will be in place until our guidance tells us the risk of COVID no longer an issue. 

12. Will other groups or classes use the Schoolhouse?

All of our other classes and camps (Tiny Tots, Discovery Time/Steam classes & Teacher Workday Camps) have been canceled at least through this calendar year. 

13. My husband has some long sleeve button down shirts that he does not wear.  Can I give them to the school to help protect teachers? 

Yes!  We would gladly take your extra shirts.

14. Will Farm School continue to follow the FCPS schedule? 

Yes, with the exception of start date and end date, we will continue to follow the FCPS schedule for holidays and teacher workdays.