We are currently reviewing new COVID guidance for the fall. Check back soon for COVID updates for Fall 2021 Preschool.

We can say that children and staff will be required to wear masks. Parents will also be required to wear masks while in the dropoff and pickup line.

Social distancing will be practiced to the extent possible.

Class start/end times will be staggered by 15 minutes to limit the number of people at checkin/pickup.

All classes will meet for 2 1/2 hours. Snack has been removed from the class schedule due to the increased risks of not having children in masks and the fact that only a few children can sit at a table at the same time. The snack process usually takes 30+ minutes by the time the tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized, all children wash their hands, snacks are distributed, snacks are opened, hands are re-washed and tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized again per Virginia DSS regulations. Removing snack therefore adds an extra 15-30 minutes to class activities.

Preschool checkin and pickup will be done at the Schoolhouse doors.

We will adapt activities to our outdoor classrooms as much as possible.